Trying to install My Book on a new computer with window 7

HI, I have a My Book Mirrow that has worked great on my XP machine. I try to install the software onto my new windows 7 machine but all I get is the screen but no ACCEPT lettering in the radial button. How do I install on my new machine please. Will I still have all of my data from my old machine after installation? I have 96 gigs of music !

Thanks, eieio

Thus appears to be an older drive it may need a driver did you check the WD site? Also not all older drives are compatible on Windows 7. If there are drivers for Vista but not Windows 7 try them that sometimes workls.


not only that, but I’ve heard from support that sometimes the drive formats aren’t always compatible.  if you have another drive, try formatting it on 7 then copy some of the files over from your my book mirror and see if 7 reads them.