Trying to hook up the wd with the composite jack to a second tv

I have a second tv that I am trying to watch the wd from and I can not get any vido or audio on that tv I have it hooked to the yellow white and red conections on my tv and into the a/v out on the wd I have changed the setting on the wd to composite what else can I do?  Thanks in advance for any help

I assume that you have switched the TV to the appropriate AV channel etc. and the yellow plug is connected to the video in on the TV. You say that this is a second TV, does this lead work with the first TV. Have you plugged the lead into the correct output on the WDTV marked AV OUT right next to the Ethernet port. 

Do you have your 1st TV connected via HDMI cable, because the WD will automatically switch to the HDMI output.