Trying to go wireless using netgear n600 adapter (wnda3100) -help?

want to access my live hub via wi-fi, using a WNDA3100 (netgear n600 wireless dual band adapter)

but i am NOT getting the option of wire/wireless in the “network setup” box.   any suggestions or advice


p.s. this adapter is on the list…

if anyone has a proven adapter - can you list it and i will simply

exchange this one for one that someone here has working …

I’m using this one, which works great:

Actually, I think there are lots of options here. Whatever you use, I think you need to add it to your network via your computer though. Anyway, thats how I did it…

Yes, you have to set the adapter up first on your PC or laptop and connect it to your wireless network. Then you plug it into the Live Hub and set it up with it.

so i need to plug adapter into my PC to what - config it? before plugging it into the hub?

ok - plugged the adapter into pc  - set the wifi password. then plugged it into live hub went to settings, network connections and still no wireless option. 

tried powering off / on the live hub - but still no joy - any other advice (or is there any instructions anywhere? )