Trying to edit rv_video_browse_page

I’m looking to edit this so it will show 8 rows in 2 columns, It’s all so off-centered and to the right and I’ve been trying to center it. I’ve tried to work it out but if someone could help i’d appreciate it. (1.2 KB)

edit the “align” tages …

eg align=“hcenter” is horizontally centered

align=“left” is aligned to the left

align=“right” is aligned to the right

Thanks for the reply, This is your theme JSA720 which i’ve been using for years, great work. I’m struggling with adding the columns as well. could i ask for a quick edit?

sorry, i’m retired from WDTV themes

Any advice on where i can go? i’m just looking to add another column.


where "x’ equals the number of columns eg. 1,2,3 etc

Thanks for the reply I tried both of those options and they don’t change anything. That’s my problem.

Ok … i’ll explain using WD Mochi List View as an example …

so here is cols=“2” rows=“8” (2 x 8= “16” items in the list)

if you change cols=“2” to cols=“3” , it does not magically add an extra column for you … you have to ADD additional code for the additional column…

so, cols=“3” rows=“8” (3x8 = “24” items in the list)

I manged to work it out, cheers for the help.