Trying to create my own backup cloud

I may be a little dense and if so I apologise.
I have an old WD My Book Essential 1TB external drive. I usually plug the USB into my MacBook and back up to Time Machine manually, as required. But, can I plug the USB into my modem, and therefore create a wireless backup?
Or am I missing some basic understanding of how this all works?
Ideally I’d like to have my own “wifi cloud” that my phone and laptop automatically back up to…can I do this with the equipment I have?
Many thanks in anticipation :slightly_smiling:

Not sure if that will work … you need to check the modem manual to see what’s supported (eg. it may only be for media serving)

Alternately, a WD MyCloud will do what you want

Yep, a basic My Cloud is what you need, but looks like you want a “budget” setup, so look into Pogoplug. All you need is a device and the free software and an extra NTFS drive,. Pogoplug discontinued their devices and are into virtual cloud storage, Nevertheless, the devices still work and same software is used (it is browser-based) although you will likely still need a PP account. Check all this out at the

This is the device to get; (last good one made) there are still new ones around, at eBay and like here:

I still use mine, but I also use their cloud service. Not a lot of support from PP much anymore for devices, though.

Good luck. (Maybe spring for the WD My Cloud after all. :wink:)

Thanks guys, they are great suggestions, and saved me a day of tearing my hair out trying to make something work that won’t!

Keep those ideas coming, though!