Trying to clone internal drive to external wd harddrive Win7

Hello, so this is the deal.  My current hard drive is failing, and I just bought a wd one that will replace it.  I have cloned hard drives in the past, when I had upgraded to this current hard drive, so I know how the process worked.  Well, I went to wd’s site, and got the acronis software, went to install it; could not find wd drive.  

The hard drive is in an external case, and the manufacturer is “Standard USB drive”, anyone know how to get the software to install?



The WD Acronis only works with WD drives. Maybe putting it in an external closure is causing the problem. Also this is fairly old software based on Acronis TI 2009 and hasn’t been updated frequently so that could be a problem too. Can you hook the drive up as an internal and clone it that way? You might also find more help over at the Acronis forum.


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That’s what I ended up doing, still waiting for it to  complete the clone (going on 4 hours now).   Guess I’ll let this go overnight.