Trying to boot from My Passport Essential 250


I’ve been trying to get a bootable system on my Drive. Paragon Backup & Recovery and Ubuntu. Both Don’t work. Partition is FAT32 and marked active. The best i can get is a “Non-system disk, press any key…”. I am afraid this is due to the hidden partition. Anyone tried to boot from a Drive with SmartWare too?

I wanted to use the drive in my company for rolling out fast sysprep-Images on our ~100 machines in case of software problems. I guess WD-Drives aren’t that suitable for professional use. Other Threads on this community intensify this impression. Too bad! miscellaneous benchmarks of the HD were really promising. I’ll send the drive back today and warn other people in future… =(

Our external drives were designed as external storage devices.  They were not designed as external boot devices. 

I learned that =)

I had contact with the german support too and they recommended me a drive without SmartWare.

The problem is not SmartWare itself, but if i read the support forum here, the missing option to remove it. If I had known this before, i could have saved a day of trying :-/

Thanks for your answer nevertheless,


Unfortunately, it’s most likely the VCD that causes the drive to not be bootable, rather than SmartWare.