Trying to achieve double backups

Ok, my first post ever, hope I get it right. Here is my situation. I have both a Toshiba laptop and an HP Pavilion tower on my home network. I have also installed a My Book Live 2TB device and moved all of my data from both computers on the My Book. Additionally, I have a Western Digital My Passport drive attached ( purchased before the My Book). Having recently lost my laptop hard drive, hence the purchase of the tower and My Book, I am trying to increase my data redundancy backup so I never have an issue. I had a recent backup to My Passport drive but really want to take advantage of online storage as well. I also happen to have Norton 360 Premier which includes 25GB of online backup storage. Now Norton will not let you include a network drive in the backup set. So I was hoping to be able to backup FROM the My Book Live TO my hard drive on my laptop. This would then let me do the following and result in a double backup scenario: 1. User Norton to back up my key information online 2. Store a backup copy of the data from the My Book Live to My Passport drive The issue is in WD Smartware where I cannot figure out how to reverse the direction of the backup. The software clearly sees both drives (My Book Live, My Passport) but seems to only want to go from the PC to the one of those external drives. Is there a way to achieve what I am trying to do? And of course if there is a simpler way to achieve all of this, I am open to any/all suggestions. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

The software is designed to backup the computer not the other way around

you can use other applications or manually backup