Tryed updating firmware but now have no UI


i updated my firmware to the lastest release 3.06.14 but couldnt use my aeronish theme with it so got half way downgrading the firmware back to 2.07.17 and now the hub dosent even get into the user interface screen and just stays on the wd tv live screen.

please please someone help ive been making this perfect for over a year and now i dont know what to do apart from go and buy another one.

Ive tryed resetting it on the bottom of the hub

and tryed loading a usb stick with the 2.07.17 firmware onto the hub from the front USB hole but the WD logo just keeps flashing and the wd screen comes up and turns of repeatabley

While the Hub is booting up… keep tapping the “Setup” Button on the Remote Control.

Hopefully the Hub will boot to the Default “Mochi” Theme Setup.

From there… apply the “Mochi” Theme.

Then check the “Theme” folder via your PC and make sure the Theme’s are not corrupted.

Also in “Setup” reset everything back to factory default.

Have no idea what happened, but hopefully the above might be of assistance.

I tryed what you said joey but still just stayed on the WD screen with wd logo flashing but Lucky I managed to sort the problem out by running firmware 2.04 from a USB stick and it look and loaded up the mochi interface. Have no idea why it did this but will be sticking with firmware 2.07 to run my aeronish theme on. Would like to try your other Alaska theme but the thumbgen templates I have used are not compatible with your Alaska theme.

Many thanks for the reply joey.


Glad you got your Hub back !

P.S. The “Alaska Theme” can be be made compatible with the “Aeonish Hub” Sheets… and it fact, the theme would visually be more enhanced than the current version. Maybe once ive finished up things ? Because i do prefer FW2.07 at the end of the day. So… never say never. :wink:

Mockup Pic - But, i did use a real png Aeonish Sheet for this example