Try to upload and download from outside place but it's really slow!

Dear WD,

I bought a WD My Book Live, upload a file from another place to my wd drive, which is very slow, should I upgrade my “internet speed” or “gigabyte router”  the current internet speed was 3m/384K, please give me a answer, thanks!

You’d have to upgrade your internet speeds.

me too, very smooth at local network(wifi), but when access remotely over internet, hang, freeze, or fail. This case stop me from upgrading to wd2go pro. is that the server ( problem or my device’s download speed problem? Anyone please advise.

You need to state what you think your internet connection speed is at the outside location as well as whether it is wired or wireless.

At a theoretical speed of my isp 12 mbps wired as published, allowing for 8 bits/byte, it comes to 1.5 MB/s.  The 3m comes to 375 KB/s.  In neither case, the xfer rates will not approach my 1 gig lan speed as it is restricted by the incoming speed of the modem.  Wireless internet connection is even worst.

The other problem could be the number of hops from outside to your lan.  I even believe it also depends on whether it goes thru ATT if you have Comcast.  (I’ve feel it is suspicious that my speed testing using the San Francisco server is very slow to non-existent, while it is very high speed to another server further away).

Another item to check is how the router & modem handle the firewalls’ inspections for access or even “virus checking” services.

I had 33 MB/s from an usb3 connected hdd to the MBL which was “empty” and subidrectories were created “on the fly” for about 212 g of data; however, I only averaged around 26 MB or so when doing incremental “backup” because I had the profile set to check for not doing file copy if the file already exist; & even slower when I set the file copy to also check for updated date-time stamp to copy.  Not even close to a published 1 ghz speed of about 125 MB/s of network speed.

It is perception.  Just think of a car that can do 100 mph but seems to chug up a 6or 8 percent grade in high-altitude at around 50 mph with the gas pedal floored.