True Image WD Edition - installation problem with a WD Drive?


I have a Windows XP Professional on a Lenovo T410 laptop.
My Lenovo HAS a WD drive model number WD3200BEKT and the drive works fine.

Issue occurs attempting to download and install the free version of Acronis software from the WD site.

I download the software fine, it’s when I doubleclick the executable, tih_s_e_14157.exe, it starts the Windows Installer and then the Acronis software checks to see if there is a WD drive on the laptop.

I then receive:
“To install this product, at least one Western Digital drive should be installed in your system. You can purchase an upgrade to Acronis True Image Home Edition by visiting

I have contacted Western Digital Support and was referred to Tier Level 2 support.
Tier level 2 then stated I should contact Acronis, as the coding to prohibit installation of Acronis unless a WD Drive is present was done by Acronis.

Is anyone aware of how I can get this software installed?

Thank You !

Try checking on the Acronis forums to see if there’s any workaround

otherwise you can use other application

You probably won’t get much help sy Acronis forums. This is an old product and has been customized by WD. It probably hasn’t been updated in a long time for the newer products.


Yes I can believe this.

I just posted here to complete the picture, I’ve also posted on WD.

Problem here is no one is offerring anything concrete.

but Thanks

I think Macrium, Paragon and EaseUS have free backup software that is not full features. Maybe one of those would work for what you want. The free ones frequently make a full image but won’t do incremental backups. Make sure you can create a boot disk with it.