Troubleshooting disc issues?

There appears to be something gone wrong with my MyBookLive – while it comes up okay and I can read from it for a while I can’t copy information to it or delete files without it going “dead” (coming offline, although the indicator light stays green – it does blink always if that’s any help).

If this were a hard drive in my machine I’d try a chkdsk to see if there were bad sectors and/or it needed reformatting but I’m somwhat (completely) unfamiliar with troubleshooting such a media drive.  Any clues on where to start?  Or should I just give up and replace it (not with another WD drive, though, as this as only lasted a few months of actual use, even though the drive itself is over a year old).

You can try a reset by the Reset button, if this does not work you may try a Full Factory Reset.

Mike. With your tag of “ex-genuis” does that mean you used to work with Apple? If so, then you should try SSHing into the drive before you take it back.

Access the UI then modify the URL to from http://mybooklive/UI/# to be http://mybooklive/ssh

This will bring up a page that will allow you to enable ssh. Then you can console into the drive using your Mac terminal and try running diags in there.

there is a low level and high level diagnostic in the dashboard, did you run either of those?