Troubleshootin my passport ultra, wierd problem

It was working all fine until one of friend borrowed it to copy some of his data into the hard drive, so he got somewhere 400GB’s of data but there was 100GB of space available in the hard drive so borrowed another hard drive from somebody and tried to copy some 400 GB’s of my data into that harddrive so he had enough space available . He left it over night, but the data was too much so after waking up, he stopped the transfer and gave the hard drive to me . After that the hard drive stops working after 20-25 seconds. An i have to restart it inorder to continue the transfer. Can i have a solution for it. Is it the cable or hard drive??? the cale seemed changed, it’s not mine :confused:

Hi, in order yo verify is its the cable or the drive, change the USB cable, USB port and try another computer, if the drive is still behaving the same, run a check disk with Windows or use the WD DLG to check the drive.