Troubles reading the data - too slow

Hi there. I have a problem with a WD External portable disk of 1TB. 

This week it started to make a small noise and then I realized it was with problems, not for the computer (Windows 8) to recognise the disk but to see all the data. I have a lot of folders in this disk and when I open a folder it’s too slow reading the information. It seems that is all there, but some photos I can visualize and copy, others I can’t. Sometimes I can see more photos, other times less photos. It seems a real problem reading the information. The has 450 GB of data and it recognises that correct data by the computer.

I tried to access Disk management, but it gives no problem with the disk “good condition”, it says. 

But i’ve done the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnosis, and when I do the Quick Test, it stops after a few seconds with problems.

Can you help? Thank you so much. 

Regards from Portugal



This is most unfortunate, as error messages provided by Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows are hardware-related, indicating physical malfunctions, degraded S.M.A.R.T. parameters, and bad sectors. On such cases, the best option would be to replace the device under warranty for free, as indicated in the following link:

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Is it possible to recover the data in any way? It’s frustrating because I can see the files there, and some I can even copy. 

I have the same problem and i dont care about replacing the drive.

i care only about retriving the data !! 

if we cant retrive the data, then what is the benefit of having drive called “BACKUP”

you really have to give a real help for this !! 450GB of data is not something that we can just drop easly !!!

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Backup means 2 copies of important information in existence at all times. If you do not have 2 copies, then you do not have a backup.

Replace the faulty hard disk and just make a fresh backup from the original source when you get the chance. Stuff like this happens every day to disks from all manufacturers. Not just WD. Been like that since the 1950’s! That’s why we have backups!

Fair enough, Keith. I have probably 90% of the data in another hard drive. But 10% is just in this little portable device. With some patience (because it crashes windows explorer from time to time) I am trying to get some photos and information from the disk, and am doing it with some success. Normally he doens’t read most of the photos, but if I wait a little bit it starts to read some of the photos inside the many folders. I am able to copy some photos, in small batches. 

So for now I am trying this. Last chance will be taking the disk to one of those (expensive) services who try to save the data. 

If you have any other suggestion I am all “ears” (eyes).




You should try with different recovery and/or repair utilities for different results. They may be able to extract the information.