Trouble with PC recognizing Passport EHD

I had my 150gb passport formatted as a backup for a Mac (it was supposedly reformatted with a linux computer) and now I am trying to use it on my PC running Windows7. I am just trying to start using the Passport and begin backing up some files. I plugged in the EHD and it lit up and the drive started spinning (powered up), but there was no notification on the PC end and it is not in My Computer on the available drives. I looked it up with the disk management but have not been able to access or modify anything on the EHD. I believe the Microsoft Office drive listed is just something that is still remaining after I installed office. It is protected and I can’t modify or access anything on that driver. Any help on this issue would be appreciated, I’m new to dealing with different OS formatted devices and accessing/formatting those drivers.

You might need to reformat your drive to a Windows compatible file system such as NTFS or Fat 32. However this would delete all your data.