Trouble with Passport Elite

Hi I am having trouble using my passport elite. I am using Windows XP and trying to back up my info to transfer to a new computer. After the software didn’t boot I removed the program and re-installed. I have had no luck updating the software.

Problem #1: When I download the firmware and use WinZip to unzip the data pachage and open the SmartwareUtility.exe the program can not open. And the only software update I found past the Windows.Net update was for Windows 7 and greater so no luck.

Problem #2: Forgo the update and just back-up my documents. I have 34GB to back-up and I can’t get past 6.31GB. The back-up just stops right there. I’ve let it run for 8 hours with no change. I again removed the software, re-installed, erased the passport and started over. No change in status.

Any suggestions?

It might be good to check that all the requirements for Smartware are met.

In the update page for Smartware you’ll see a list of requirements.

You can try reinstalling the application from scratch.