Trouble with Music

I am seeing my pictures and video on my computer via the media server. I do not see my music it says folder is empty. I have triple checked that each item in Music Library is set for sharing as it is in Video and Pictures. I am also not able to see any of the network via network shares and samba. Any ideas?

You are in luck, because after a year of head-scratching over this same problem I finally figured it out and posted my solution to the problem last week in another forum.  See this link: 

This should fix your problem.  Let me know how it goes for you.

As for the network shares issue, I am not sure this answer to my solution will fit your problem.  My problem with network shares was that Win 7 required a password, so I had it not do so.  Also, I set the WDTV to auto logon for access to network shares (no password needed.)  Reboot the PC and WDTV after making all changes I describe here.