Trouble with external hard drive

To make a long story short sometime ago the connectors failed on a hdd from a previous Acer laptop and a tech removed the drive from it a suggested I used a SATA connector to use the hd. This worked well for many years…

My drive is 750 GB WD7500BPVT
Serial number is WXH1AC0M8889
Model number is WD7500BPVT-22MXZT1

This is more a request for information as to where I can have this drive assessed. There are many important files (not only music, pictures, tax files, passport files etc) that I need access.

I was going to back up but when I started the drive with the sata connector it would not register on my windows files screen… The drive was removed from the black box it was in as the connector failed. Currently if you turn over the drive I notice a heat build on the right upper side and well as near the round circular part which has a silver type circular cover on it…

My major question is where can I have this hd checked and if possible have the files on it copied to another hd? I live in Orani, Bataan, Philippines … Respectfully, Leonard Tisdale

Hi, tidusLen,

You can try connecting the drive as a secondary drive in your computer or laptop to try to access the data from it.

Otherwise, you can contact the data recovery. They can help you to recover the data required from the drive.

Thanks for the reply. Would you happen to know some names of companies that do data recovery?


There are many data recovery companies out there. You can search on Google for data recovery companies and you will get the huge list of data recovery companies. Nevertheless, i can suggest you one company name which i like the most is Stellar data recovery. They provide best data recovery service all over the world. Hope they will help you too.