Trouble with an Original Passport

Hello, I have an original Passport (circa 1997) which I have used throughout the years without incident.  Yesterday while accessing a file, I unintentionally unplugged the unit’s USB cable from the computer (Windows Vista). I then shut the computer down.

Today, when I plugged the Passport USB cable in, the unit would not connect/download to my computer.  I ran a diagnostic which indicated a problem with the cable itself.  This scenario seems unlikely.  Any advice? Many thanks!

You might have corrupted the partition by unplugging the drive like that. You can check on Disk Management to see if the drive shows there. You’ll need a Data Recovery software to retrieve the files if you don’t have a backup. If that does not work you’ll need to have some Data Recovery specialist recover it for you.

Try to use  TestDisk to test and repair if possible.

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Thanks so much for answering my message last month…it now looks like I will definitely need to send the passport out for information retrieval. Can you please recommend a company? It is so important that I try to get my data and photos back.  As with most folks, my life is on the passport and I didn’t know that I should have had a back up for my back up. Many many thanks!

Hope you can retrieve all your files, good to know I was able to provide some guidance.