Trouble using Win 7 backup to My Book

I am setting up a new PC for a non technical user who lives several hundred miles from me.  I want to use Win 7 backup for the backup as I believe it is more widely used and should be better supported than the ap that comes with My Book.

To avoid confusion regarding which backup program was used, I reformatted the MyBook drive to wipe it clean.  It is only to be used as an auxillary drive. 

I then tried to create a baseline disk image file of the c: drive on the mybook drive.  Got an error that there was insufficient space on the MyBook drive.  There is about 40GB used on c:, the MyBook is 500GB and empty.  Can anyone make sense out of this. 


If the drive is initialized and you are using the correct partition, you should not have any problems. I’ll suggest you to contact Microsoft about this issue with the Windows Backup application.