Trouble Sharing Media Between Two Live TV Hubs

I have two Live TV Hubs, in different rooms of the house. Both have been updated to firmware version 3.00.28 and now I can not see media on the second hub when using either one. I go to Select Content Source, Media Server, select the second hub from the list, and get the message “There is no media in the current folder”.  Both hubs have only movie files, all in the *.ISO format. The content of the host hub is visible and usable from each hub directly, but the other’s content is not as described above when using either one. All content from both hubs and connected USB Drives are visible on the home network through my PC, so I don’t think it is a network issue. I have had this configuration for quite some time, and all worked fine prior to the firmware update to 3.00.28… any ideas?

You’re saying that you PREVIOUSLY COULD stream ISO files via Media Server?  

I don’t know how that’d have been possible.   Media Server (Twonky) doesn’t support ISO files, nor does any DLNA receiver.

Sorry, I used to use “Network Share”, and it worked fine. After the firmware update, the only options under network share are “SMB/CIFS” and “NFS”, both of which say “No Storage Present”. I also checked both units, and they each are assigned to a different IP Address and have different device names. Thanks for any help you can provide!