Trouble setting up MyNet N750

Hey guys

I new to setting up a network at home. I have only in the past just set up the router/modem that the ISP provided.

As the router that I was provided started to **bleep** itself. I thought it would be a great idea to replace it.

Which I hope could be the N750. I bought the router thinking it would just simply plug and play.

With further reading after the purchase I found out it isnt a DSL modem or somthing along those lines.

In that case how would I have to set it up to get it working? Read somewhere I needed a modem in bridging mode.

Would that mean I can just go to the electronic stores and buy any cheap modem that can be set to bridging mode?

Sorry for the questions, but hope I can get the N750 working.

Thanks in advance


Hai - If your previous device was a gateway (modem/router combo) then you will need an extra modem to go with you N750. If your old device still works, you can turn it into a DSL bridge. What’s the brand and model of your old device?

It is a Netgear DG834GSP v3

Read around and supposedly it is a locked version of a normal Netgear DG834G.

I was thinking of just buying a TP-Link TD-8817 as the modem for the N750

Would the TP work with the N750?

Reason I dont want to bridge with the Netgear is it has been a pain resently with dropouts and firmware cant be updated due to it being locked to provider.

I don’t know DSL, but after a quick look, as long as the TP-Link unit works with your provider, I think that it should be fine to use it with the WD router.

Most routers (like the WD) can work with any cable modem or DSL router as long as it has a network connection to plug into.

Make sure you know your connection information with the ISP. Whether it’s DHCP or PPPoE. If PPPoE you’ll need the credentials to put onto your new modem or router.

Thanks for replies guys

I’ve got all information from ISP so that wont be a problem.

Will probably buy the TP and try it out.

Will update you all on how it goes.