Trouble seeing a 4tb blue

Using my trusty vantec usb/sata Drive be adapter I have no issue in windows, but I cannot see it on a Mac. Adapter works fine on a much smaller drive on a Mac. Is there some limit to drive size via usb on a Mac?

Hi www5,

We do not recommend to use the internal drive with external USB/Sata drive adaptor as it is an internal drive. It is best that you connect the drive in the internal bay of your Mac PC and reformat the drive by referring the link given below to make it work on MAC.

Note: Reformatting is Data Destructive and cannot be undone. Once the process begins, ALL THE DATA ON THE DRIVE WILL BE LOST!

You can also contact WD’s Technical Support team from the link given below:

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.