Trouble playing MKV files

I have a bizarre issue with my WDTV Live. It will play back MKV files from the USB drive attached to it. However, it will not recognize the same files over the network. If I try to go to the folder where they are located, it gives me the “There is no media in this folder” message. If I move them to a folder with other media files, WDTVL recognizes other files, just not these MKV files that it has no problem recognizing from the atttached USB drive. So while it doesn’t appear to be purely a networking issue since other files are recognized and played back fine, I can’t understand the issue with the MKV’s.

NP with MKV here. What FW are you running?

Did you try to hit “play” when you are on folder with the file(s) instead browsing into the folder?

Are you trying to view these .mkv files under NETWORK SHARES or MEDIA SERVER? I had the exact same problem when I was viewing files from my computer through MEDIA SERVER. I could see everything but .mkv and had no problem playing them directly from an external drive connected via USB.

I figured out how to get NETWORK SHARES working right and haven’t had an issue since. I can play .mkv through the network perfectly.

The FW is 1.01.11

I’m trying to view them under network shares and cannot find them. They seem to be the only file type so far that I cannot see through network shares.