Trouble moving large film to MBL 3tb

I have a 3tb MBL and my laptop connected to my network.

I have a lot of DVD and Blu-ray Disc rips on a large external WD Essentials 2tb which I’m transfering to the MBL by attaching it to the computer, then copy and pasting.

Most are working well, but then a problem.

I have a rip of the Aliens Blu-ray Disc 35.2gb.  I start to copy over and it estimates 55 minutes.  It gets to 6 minutes/3.78gb to go and it stops.

It doesn’t look like it’s stopped, but it sticks at  6 minutes/3.78gb to go.

 Anyone any ideas?

Steve W

If it only happens with THAT movie, then there’s something wrong with that movie.

Aye, that’s my initial thought, but I just wondred if anyone had this happened before and found it was something else.

I think I’ll just re-rip it straight to the NAS.

BTW, it plays fine on my laptop from the HDD.

Steve W