Trouble Moving Files to Sentinel

I am having trouble moving files from either my Windows 7 laptop or my WD MyBookLive to my new Sentinel.  An example would be, a large video file of 4 Gb.  I can use Windows Explorer to tsee the shared folder on the Sentinel and the move begins fine (moving at 10 Mb/s or faster), but it never completes.  The rate slows down to the 10-20 kb/s range then stops and I get an error indicating that the shared folder does not exist.

My netowrk is all hardwired and I have no problem access internet or seeing other PCs on my network.  Any idea why it appears that the Sentinel “disappears”?  I have no issues transferring these large files to/from the MyBookLive on the network from any of my PCs.

Did some more testing.  Found that I can pull files off the Sentinel just fine.  A large 8 Gb file came off no problem and actually increased in access speed from 10.4 Mb/s to 16 Mb/s towards the end.

Why does the Sentinel not seem to want to accept files?



Probably your switch/router.  More read here

There are many thing that can cause this type of issue and probably would not be able to resolve it here on this forum.  Here is a partial list of issues that could cause this.

Network Hardware

Network configuration

Hardware configuration

PC Configuration

PC or Server: Hardware related issues

PC side Software configuration

Wireless Configuration

These are all pretty broad, and because of this you should contact technical support in order to go through some troubleshooting steps.

Returned the Sentinel to the store and exchanged it for a WD MyBookLive Duo 6 Tb.  The MyBook works terrific.  The Sentinel was likely overkill for my home network and obviously not well suited for me.  I have no network issues copying file to or from the MyBook, its very fast.  And it also works great with my WD TV Live.

Thanks for the help, but I’ll be signing off the Sentinel Community page now.