Trouble in browsing remote files, either connecting TO shared network than TO Media server

Hi everybody, playing movie files via USB is pretty good, nice quality, great compatibility, it reads AVI with DIVX, XVID and MKV with a lot of codings.

I bought a Dlink Nano USB wi-fi dongle to connect the WD TV Live to my Win 7 Media center HTPC.

My network is a wi-fi network based on a Netgear 634 router.

The WD TV connects well in a few seconds, and discover all the network objects in my house.

When i press VIDEO, and select Media Server, i can see the logical structure of my media center BUT i’m not able to play a lot of files. AVI DIVX files, by example, say that are not playable.

And the logical structure of the remote mediacenter IS NOT complete, not the same i have on the mediacenter; some folder are lost, but it seems that in “ALL FILES” menu i can find every movie.

Trying to connect to the media center as Network Share the WD shows me all the shares (i’ve shared two entire disks) BUT slowly. The first time i open the Network Share it shows me only a couple of folders (usually user and another), back, open, 12 folders, back, open, 21 folders, back, open, 10 folders… and so on… i NEVER obtain the full content of the Network Shares.

And when i enter in a folder, the WD tells me that there is’nt any video file in it!!!

I updated the WD to the last available firmware.

Please, help me, or i will have to return this product, because it’s usable only via USB…