Trouble connecting to router or switch

I have a 2TB My book Live and it will not connect to the router or switch…

I have a netgear WNR2000 wireless router connected to a Netgear FS608 v3 switch, I have three computers a Homeplug system a cctv DVR all connected and running fine, insert the cable for the My book live and it will not connect no lights what-so-ever, connect it to the wireless router and it will connect but only at 10MB/s so file transfer is sloooow…

The supplied cable does nothing nor will 4 other cables I have, but another will let it connect via the router but not the switch these are cable’s that are already connected to computers.

Today I went and bought another netgear switch, a GS108 again the same problem with various cables apart from the one cable which will connect but again at only 10.

I can transfer a 5.5GB file from computer to computer in 3 minutes, via the My book Live and computer 11 minutes!!

The connection of the network cable and the lights on the rear of the My Book Live seem to connect ok sometimes when you plug in a cable but other times you get no lights at all I have been trying to get this working reliably now for two weeks and its just so  intermittent which makes it useless even the updates fail, fail, fail so you leave it all connected and suddendly its updated **bleep**??

I am seriously wondering if this unit is duff  if anyone can offer suggestions as to what to try otherwise I think I’ll have to return it and get my money back.

Steve with now no hair of what little he had!!

You put a lot of information into your post. For me too much :wink:

I would try the following before returning the MBL:

  1. make a reset of the MBL by pushing the reset button for 4 seconds while the MBL is running.

  2. Give the drive at least 3 minutes to reboot

  3. Connect one computer and the MBL via CAT5e or better cables to the GS108

  4. run the setup from your MBL CD and try to discover the MBL.

Good luck

Thanks for the reply, first time I’ve seen a response saying to much info normally it’s not enough, :wink: yep tried that, several times in fact and it just don’t connect no lights what-so-ever on the cable lights.

Returning it tomorrow I’ve spent two weeks trying to get this to work :angry: and spent £40 quid on a new switch to see if it would help.