Trouble connecting to MyBook for Mac over wireless

I just bought a MyBook 2TB hard drive. I can access it and have backed up using the USB directly to my MacBook Pro. 

I am trying to set it up for access over my Cisco E4200 wireless router. I can see the wireless router and MyBook from the MacBook, but the WD software does not acknowledge and connection.

I am sure I am missing some simple step. Help for a somewhat newbie, especially to MAC?


Buehler? Buehler?

Maybe I need a WD Live version?

If I can’t get it figured out tonight, I guess I will return this and the Cisco router and just get the Apple Time Capsule and be done with it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The Cisco E4200 has a USB port, so I thought it would be plug and play. So much for easy!

WD Smartware does not support Network drives on Mac OSX; not even the WD My Book Live. Time Machine should work on your current drive though.

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Thanks Trancer. I thought as much.

I finally found a list of backup drives that Cisco says will work on their router. This is not one of them.

Yes - I guess I have to box everything up and exchange.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions. One of the realities of my new MAC - not everything works.