Trouble connecting the WD TV play with computer

yesterday - last edited yesterday

I bought WD TV play streamer and i had trouble connecting it to the computer,(it was connected to the internet so i could log in youtube for example) but i couldn’t connect my computer to the streamer in order to stream movies to my television.

Im stuck  at the point that i recieve a number at my streamer (for the computer-streamer crossing)  i enter it to the website i’ve been entered by pressing the Streamer icon on “my network” and wrote the number there also, they coth try to connect to each other without success.

They are located 2 meters from each other, i have 100mb internet, using windows 7.

Thanks everyone, maybe a settings problem? 

Have a great day.
added :stuck_out_tongue:ictures of the crossing between the computer & streamer.


What DLNA Media Server is the one you would like to link to your WD TV Play? Is it the standard Windows 7 Homegroup Media Server? If so, do you encounter the same issue with over DLNA Media Servers as well?

i made it work !! but now i have new problem.

I can watch a movie but i don’t see any of the subtitles options on the screen.
I tried the types- srt & sub, both with the same name of the movie and in different folder for the movie.

I have read the user guid and on page 46 it shows the option- subtitle & adjust subtitle & delete,   for me it don’t show them and this is the problem.

Please, how can i add subtitles to my video!


It should have the same name as the movie and be in the same folder. It may not work via a media server if you are connecting to your files over your network.


Been trying the same but i don’t seem to manage it.

Could you tell us how you did it?