Trouble Connecting 2 external 3TB drives to my PC

Hi, I just bought a new external WD 3TB drive as an addition to a 3TB external I already have but for some reason windows will only recognize one at a time. If I unplug one, the other one shows up in ‘my computer’ but never at the same time.  

Is it something Windows related ?

for what its worth Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Any help would be appriciated

With them both connected did you make sure they have different drive letters and that they are both online? Check in Disk Management.


I have the same problem…

and, in disk management I can see only 1 disk

If I connect the new disk alone, no prob, if I connect the older alone no prob, but If I connect the new of my 3Tb disks and after the older, I can see only the first one that I’ve connected.

If I connect the older one for first, I can see the new one in disk management, but it’s offline for “firm collision”

Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit too

I had the same problem but my external drives weren’t  WD brand. They are two of the same model 3 TB USB 3.0 External Drives. Right-click Computer icon on Desktop or Start menu and click Manage. Computer Management window opens. Click Disk Management on the left side, under Storage section. Check if both of your hard drives’ status’ are “online”. If not, right click the hard drive in “Disk Management” and select “make online” (or something similar to that, my Windows isn’t in English.) It solved the problem for me. If it doesn’t work for you, you can try selecting “Change drive letter and path” instead of  “make(bring) online”.