Trouble accessing MyBooklive through Windows Explorer

I have two laptops, one running Vista Home and one running Vista Ultimate, both on a wireless network.  Both machines are working fine, and I have full access to all drives on both machines and the internet.

I just bought a MyBook Live today, and have plugged it into the wireless router.  The Vista Home machine can access the external drive through Windows Explorer, the Vista Ultimate machine can’t.  I can ping the drive on the Vista Ultimate machine using its IP address, and can access the drive through the web browser.  It is visable on the network, but when I try to open I am either dropped to the User documents directory, or get the error message “Windows cannot access \MYBOOKLIVE”, error 0x80070035 depending on whether I try to open the icon that looks like the drive or a computer respectively.

The WD SmartWare software can access the drive from the Vista Ultimate machine, and is happily backing up the system.

I have been through all the settings I can think of, and both machines are the same.  Any suggestions?

Dude you are in the wrong forum, you need to go to Network Drives…

can you hit [\mybooklive\public](file://%5C%5Cmybooklive%5Cpublic) ?

No I can’t.

I get error message 0x80004005.

I can however access through the IP address.  All will work well until both the drive and router power down and it has a new IP address assigned.