Tried to search and can't find it - Network shares and playlists?

What would be the easiest way to create a network shares playlist?

Basically, all my music is on my Windows Home Server box, and it plays everything great, but unfortunately the media server functionality (filtering, genres, etc. etc.) only works for media on an attached USB drive.

And that is fine, but how can I create a playlist for some of the 1000’s of songs I have on my WHS server?

I hate iTunes so are there any other options, and will they work with network shares?


Nevermind, I found a few posts complaining about a confirmed awful limitation of both revs of HD TV Live.

Seems playlists can only reference one folder down from where the playlist is located.  Wow.

I’m glad this was a cheap device as it opened my eyes to what is possible, but now it’s time to look a real media streamer :slight_smile:

Some great suggestions/threads on the AVS forum and even some from people frustrated with this device on these very forums :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, a WD TV Live tech told me, and I quote, “by design, playlists are only made to handle files located 1 directory down from their location”

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