Tried to Change Password and Now Cannot Access Dashboard

I have a My Cloud EX2. Never had any troubles with it. But recently I changed my password to a better one and now cannot access the Dashboard. I only have one user set up, no shares or Cloud access. I’ve used my system as a backup only. I’ve got 2 6TB drives in Raid 5 for redundancy. So the weird thing is, I can access the drive with my Win 10 computer, and with My Cloud access using email. But not directly. It is visible on my network. I’ve attempted a soft reset using a paperclip and depressing the “button” for around 8 seconds but still cannot directly access. Right now I’m lucky I can see my files at all in File Explorer, so if I get another system online I should be able to copy all my files. But it’s crazy that me trying to change my password has bricked this thing (apparently). Any help is much appreciated!



You could refer to the following link:

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When you change a password you have to remember the new password.

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