Trickle style view

Since this will be more of a major update, rather than just  a mini-mod, I thought I’d start a new thread for it.  I will try to keep this updated with my progress and I hope to have something ready to release fairly soon.  My purpose in doing this was to try to have more of a Moviesheet trickle view, without having to actually use Moviesheets.

So, here’s what I’ve got so far.


If you have any feedback, please let me know what you like, don’t like and any ideas you might have.  Also, I hope the you will take notice of some of the little details, such as the reflection for the left / right arrows.


WD please hurry and vet TW’s screenshot!!

VERY nice TW

That looks very cool TW, can’t wait to try it out!!

Awesome !!!

Awesome truly great

Are the covers generated in TG? 

Let me ask this way.  If we used this layout and only used the info directly from the Hub’s ‘Get Info’, would it work? 

This is really great.  I really like how you have the angels. Kind of like a sideways xbox 360 lol. 

Hi TW no doubt you are busy, but you asked for some feedback/ comments-

One suggestion, if possible- Can the weather and time icons be made any smaller as the seem to catch the viewers eye more than necessary and thus causing a slight distraction from your overall theme/ visuals?

just a thought?

Oh a few other minor tweaks (purely on a Visual/ aesthetic basis)-

 1. What about changing the colour of main movie title (currently cyan type blue) to perhaps a shade of red similar to the dvd case covers?

  1. Change pink heart (favoutrite) to red.

  2. More space for Actors.

All in all TW a great and very professional / slick theme!!!

 Sorry, one other query TW- I assume that this view can only be generated by having movies NOT in their individual folders due to the current bug with Metadata not showing in gallery view?

Very nice…beautiful work!

i made a personal modification

maybe you made it too yet

at the end of the “rv_gallery_browse_page” file :

<image image="@@poster" x=“70” y=“115” w=“185” h=“278” align=“hcenter” scale_type=“fixratio” scale=“100” />

to see all  the left thumbnail if it’s bigger then the W&H size


What did this mod do?

did it work?

Thanks everyone.

Pazator, That’s a good idea, unfortunately I can’t use the “scale_type” for the poster, because I use the setup now to cut off the reflection so that the thumnail stays the same size, but the reflection doesn’t overlap the black background.

To answer some other questions:

Yes, this requires TG to make the reflection and this only works with the Movie coverart, and will not work with folder icons because of the limitation of the firmware, however you will still have the trickle effect with folder icons.  The firmware will not allow the transparency on folder icons to be dispalyed and for the Movie coverart to display with the transparency you have to use the Moviesheet trick of saving the thumbnails as png, then manually changing them to jpg.

Also, for the coverart & folder icons to display correctly, they have to be a certain size.  Coverart needs to be 185 x 349, this is mainly because of the the larger “poster” and folder icons should be 185 x 272 (without any reflection), although the folder icons can be bigger as long as they keep the same ratio.

Here are some of the TG cover boxes that I have made to work with this mod:

BR.png Cover_brown.png Cover_gray_mkv.png Cover_lime.png Cover_lime_mkv.png Cover_orange_mkv.png Cover_purple_mkv.png Cover_Rpurple_mkv.png Cover_yellow.png Cover_brown_mkv.png Cover_olive_mkv.png Cover_purple.png

Also, this is a minor change, aligning the director, actors & overview to the center.  As always, let me know what you think.


And I’m thinking of something like this for the Preview View:


Let me know what you think of this.

architectonic --> my mod works fine for the present tinwarble xml. Obsolete with the future

tinwarble --> i’ts difficult to appreciate

I only see yellow triangle :cry:

Yes, I know, you’ll have to wait until the mods approve the pics.

I’m not going to upload the Coverart covers to another site, because there are quite a few of them.  But you can see the Preview mod HERE.


i didn’t know about this approval

so, i can wait for…   :smiley:

i am quite “flabbergasted” by your preview :wink:  great work

Hi TW,

You asked for comments on the preview view, while it is a matter of personal preference, in my humble opinion I feel the view maybe slightly overworked. Unfortunatley I don’t  quite find it very easy on the eye as they say. My eyes are going up and down as you read across the screen-  


What do yout think?

Sometimes less is more, perhaps stick to grid a more formal grid type view?

I realise you have spent alot of time on your theme, so please don’t take this as negative critique! It would be interesting to find out what other people think!

Keep up the good work!


I prefer alignment to the left for the director, actors & overview

but I think I can modify this myself :wink:

Nevertheless, “BRAVO” for your work !!!

6:43 PM here : time back home :slight_smile:

Excellent work Tinwarble…

I love your coverbox cases, any chance you could upload them or perhaps include them all with your theme ?

I’m afraid to also say that i think the trickle effect in the preview mode could perhaps just be a little too much. However i will reserve my judgement until such time you release the code and i can test out in person so to speak.

Keep up the excellent work, i dont think i can keep up with all your excellent mods at the rate you are going !!!

Look forward to testing out your complete theme soon hopefully.

I really like the way you have gone all out with the theme for the Hub, personally trying to theme for compatibilty with both the Live and Live Hub has dictated how far i would go, for example i wouldn’t go as far as creating custom thumbnails specifically to add the refelction on the Hub…

The way you have managed to squeeze the maximum out of the limited metadata on the Hub is really impressive

I keep watching to see just how far you can push things LOL…

Saying that you might be also be able to do that style of trickle in wall and std mode ie across the whole of the screen perhaps using the grid views ?