Travel Security and Entertainment ( What helped you )

How about sharing experiences with each other of your recent journeys and what helped you a lot, Let me share mine that once I wanted to see some travel deals in other countries where I wanted to go in the case that they are not available in my country and want to avail those deals when I visit their. So I did this by using a VPN. I’m using purevpn myself and there’s currently an 88% Off on it for black Friday. Its a good accessory to have, whoever wants to try. Because It helped me a lot and guess what I am here in the UK and already availed USA deals without any hassles. Plus you can easily secure from thefts when you use some insecure public wifi spots like restaurants. It helped me the way I thought :slight_smile:

Travel has always been my passion. Ever since I was a kid, I have looked forward to summer, the coming of vacations, and our new trip.

I am a nature lover. Since childhood, I have traveled to different places cause my father is an ambassador. It is not my dream life, but I strive to see the advantages. I am so open, curious, and prepared to take risks. The diversity of cultures made me appreciate traditions, people, and beliefs. I met penguins, lions, kangaroos, camels, haha. This year I will go to Finland, and I am enthusiastic, cause it is the first nordic country I have visited. The USA was warm, do not wait for cold and snow. Home expenses take 4.6% of people’s income, so I believe it’s a pretty low indicator for such a developed and rich country. What do you think?

To feel safe while traveling, I use a variety of methods. First, I take out insurance. Usually, a travel company deals with this issue and provides health insurance abroad. Also, I read reviews and recommendations of people on the Internet about safe places and hotels. It is important for me to feel comfortable during my vacation and not think about negative things. I book a hotel in advance, read its description on the website, determine the advantages and disadvantages of this place. For example, at, there is enough information about the hotel, which helps me feel safe. We rested in this hotel and were completely satisfied with their service.

The hiking trail may encounter difficulties and even dangers. Some of them are associated with real obstacles - the passage of passes, swamps, rapids; others depend on changes in the weather and are episodic or seasonal. Safety of tourism presupposes the presence of special objects of safety. In one case, the objects of security in tourism may include the tourism system itself, its subsystems and individual elements, and vital, system-forming links between the system elements. We planned to travel to some islands but decided to stop at the Bahamas. Be careful with all types of scams only; otherwise, the level of safety is sufficient.