Trasnferring Data at roughly 300KB/second. Slow transfer rate

Hello. Sorry for beating what seems like a dead horse but I haven’t read a good series of posts that addresses the issue and offers a solution. I am trying to copy my music collection from my desktop’s hard drive to my My Book Live. I am not using any of the back up or transfer software included with My Book Live or Windows. I am doing a simple “Send To” from the desktop to the MBL. According to Windows data is being transfered at about 300KB/second. I have a music collection of about 120GB. This transfer is literally taking days to accomplish. From what I’ve read even with slow equipment this should not be the case. I do not have slow equipment.

I am using the following:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor 3.20GHz

8.00 GB RAM

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. All updates have been run and everything is current.

Western Digital Caviar Blue 320GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

My Book Live 2TB.

Belkin CAT6 Patch Cable approximately 7 feet.

My router is a Linksys E3000. It has gigabit ports.

My computer has an Intel PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adaptor. It is capable of gigabit speed.

I am running everything wired. I am not using wireless.

The network adaptor has two indicator lights. One indicates that it is working. The second indicates at what speed it is working at. The indicator lights are showing that the card is working and that it is running at gigabit speed.

The indicator lights on the MBL also indicate that it is working properly. Green on both the front and back.

I am not expecting miracles. But from what I have read my expectation is that I should at least see a transfer rate of 1MB/second. When I use USB3.0 it takes about an houror two give or take. When I use USB2.0 it takes about twice as long as USB3.0. I don’t think using an ethernet connection should take days.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is not normal.  You may try bypassing the router and connecting the MBL driectly to the computer, reset it by holding its reset button for 4 seconds and reboot the computer.  if the transfer rate remains the same plug your computer back to router and try to transfer files to another computer in your network.  If you receive the same transfer speed the issue might be with the network card of your pc, however if you receive better transfer speed transtering to another computer you must contact WD for a replacement MBL.