Trash Bin on mycloud app and WebDav configuration

Dear WD Support Team

Recently we have configured My Cloud EX2 on our network and linked this NAS with Mycloud app for mobile access.

When our users work on their Macs there is no problem, everytime they erase something we can recover it.

However, when our users delete files on the mobile app, those files don’t go to Trash Bin. Those dissappear forever. (Is there a way to configure this?)

Also, Is there a WebDav configuration guide for My Cloud EX2 ??


Note this is not a WD Support page, the WD Community was designed for User-to-User help.

Unfortunately, when you delete files from the My Cloud mobile app, they don’t go to the Trash bin. Only when you delete them from the computers.

Here’s an article with instructions on how to configure WebDav.