Transmission with live duo anyone?

Hi, i would just like to know if someone installed transmission successefuly on My book live duo. I know with my book live and my book world edition, it works fine but with live duo? Anyone?

Thanks you for any answer…

Yes, it worked for me.

ok, thanks for your answer. Would it be too much trouble to tell me how you did it? Or maybe point me to a tutorial or forum?


It’s been a while. I simply used Google and found a short installation howto.

What does this program do?

Miller: it´s a torrent client that can be installed directly in the NAS, it´s like utorrent but you don´t need your computer only the NAS.

Oh, okay.  Sounds like something I should give a worl.  Now if I couldd hide what I download from my ISP, then I would be straight!