Transmission pausing

I have a dl4100 and downloaded transmission, I moved some torrents over and have also downloaded some.

Transmission pauses after 5 mins, even if I start the torrent for seeding.

Likewise if a new torrent is successfully completed, it stops seeding.

When I check torrent site, I’m seeding for 5 mins then transmission pauses seeds again.

I would like to resolve this as if I don’t seed a fair amount, I’ll be kicked from torrent site.

Do I need to set remote access through port 9091?

How do I fix this?

I managed to find this guide…

In transmission web interface, I didn’t realise that in bottom left corner of browser that there were settings there.

There is a gear to set global total upload download speeds, a spanner to set torrent path, speed and what I was looking for seeding settings.

You can set ratio and minutes idle before seed pauses.


Thanks for sharing your solution with the rest of the community.