Transmission over web interface very slow

I know these forums don’t support Transmission per se but I’m hoping someone can help…I have logged the issue with Transmission but I actually don’t know whether this is a ‘Transmission’ problem or a problem with the NAS itself…hence why I’m here.

So, I have Transmission on my MacBook Pro and Transmission as an app on my WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra.

When I put a torrent through the WD MyCloud, I get speeds of around 15 - 100kB/s but when I load the same torrent on my Macbook, I get more than 10 times that speed. It doesn’t make sense, my Mac is going through wifi but the MyCould is connected via ethernet…shouldn’t the latter be faster?

I’ve got the settings the same across both (i.e. in terms of numbers of max peers, etc. in the Transmission settings) and can’t figure out what’s wrong. It’s just moving at a snail’s pace.

Any suggestions would be helpful - I’m not overly tech savvy, so please be gentle!

While Transmission issues are not supported by WD, there are experienced Users within the WD Community. Hopefully they’ll be able to assist.

Additionally, a board search for “transmission” may be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks Trancer.

Yes I’ve searched and searched - tried opening ports, closing ports, changing the number of peers, changing how much I’m trying to download…no luck yet but fingers crossed someone can help.