Transmission featurepack

I’ve installed transmission for my book live with the feature pack and its been working like a charm.

The only thing i would like to change is the settings but each time i do this manually and restart the device it go’s back to the standard settings… So how can i edit the json file for transmission feature pack?  So that i can change the speed settings ect.

Are you referring to the transition pack on the link below?

Yes man thats the correct link to the software :slight_smile:

So if i change the speed settings in transmission webpanel after a reboot of the nas it always go’s back to the standard settings, how can i change this manually so the settings i put in stay ?

Btw is there also like a tool available that can read the exact temperatures of  a my book live duo?

I did see that when you install transmission like i did on my my book live 2 TB it has a temperature tool inside.

So i’m wondering if i need to install transmission also to my book live duo or if there’s another program that can read temperatures?

So can you help me alucard , havent seen any reply aymore after you gave me that link.

Dude sorry I didn’t see your post. Well cannot really help you a lot with the transmission feature pack, but for the MBL temperature you can install smartware and it will also install the quickview where you can see the temperature.

I was really hoping to find some help here to get my settings saved on transmission.  Everytime transmission is restarted settings are back to default speed ect…