Transmission client isn't available

i fixed the second error when you pressed start there was no web interface for that you just have to look for


there you have to click on the 61 line you have to change it from

full_url = String.format(“{0}//{1}/Transmission/”, “http:”, IP_ADDRESS)


full_url = String.format(“{0}//{1}:9091/Transmission/”, “http:”, IP_ADDRESS)

now on the dashboard you can visit the web interface of transmission

Just to help someone in need: do not do all said above, just update to 5.27.161 version and install manually version 1.16 and all will be back to normal.

I’ve been unable to install version 1.16 of Transmission on my MyCloud Gen2 for several days because the download link is down. Does anyone have the file or could upload it somewhere? :frowning:

@Layesc , here are some steps, you can try that, may be it can help you…

If you’re unable to install version 1.16 of Transmission on your MyCloud Gen2 because the download link is down, here’s a solution you can try:

  1. Alternative Download Source: Search for an alternative source from where you can download the Transmission version 1.16 package. Sometimes, communities or forums related to MyCloud devices may host such files. Ensure you download from a trusted source to avoid security risks.

  2. Compile from Source (if applicable): If the pre-built package isn’t available, you might need to compile Transmission from its source code. Here’s a general outline of the steps involved:

    • Access to MyCloud Gen2: Ensure you can access your MyCloud device via SSH or a similar method that allows you to run commands and transfer files.

    • Install Dependencies: You’ll need development tools and libraries. On some Linux-based systems like MyCloud, you might need to install packages like build-essential and specific libraries that Transmission requires.

    • Download Transmission Source: Go to the Transmission website or GitHub repository and download the source code for version 1.16.

    • Compile: Follow the instructions in the README or INSTALL file provided with the source code. Generally, it involves running ./configure, make, and sudo make install commands in the source directory. Adjust paths and options as necessary for your MyCloud environment.

    • Configure: After installation, you may need to configure Transmission to suit your preferences and integrate it properly into your MyCloud Gen2 setup.

  3. Contact Support: If the download link has been down for several days and you cannot find an alternative source or compile from source, consider reaching out to Western Digital’s support or forums dedicated to MyCloud devices. They might provide information on when the download link will be restored or offer assistance with alternative methods.

By exploring these options, you should be able to successfully install Transmission version 1.16 on your MyCloud Gen2 device even if the direct download link is currently unavailable.


@bmoore Thank you for helping me. :blush:

Thank you for providing such informative information.