Transmission / Camera uploads / Dropbox in MyCloud Mirror


I am a WD MyCloud Mirror user and I am strongly missing some features which are not available at the device for unknown reason. In fact I am thinking on changing the device because of that.

  1. Transmission 

  2. a) the device is not allowing me to set login and password for using transmission. Therefore, everybody from within my LAN and outside of my LAN (from Internet using my static IP) can access Transmission web interface without entering login / password information. This is totally unsecure. Now I can’t upload any torrent files to Mycloud’s transmission from outside - and this was the key purpose I was buying the device for. 

  3. b) Transmission allows to pick up torrent files automatically from predefined folder. This feature is also missing in Mycloud Transmission app settings, although it is very useful. 

  4. Camera uploads / Dropbox

I was buying the device to be able to replace 3d party cloud services with my own. I want my photos from mobile device to be synchronized with Mycloud, however, I don’t want anybody else in my LAN to be able to see the photos. I want to be able to change the default directory for Camera upload, set a password and limit access for others. As of today, the default folder is public and visible to everyone. 

Same problem with Dropbox - i store a lot of working documentation in it and i don’t want anybody to be able to see it, however, by default, the dropbox folder is also put in Public folder. 

Do you plan to correct this in the next software update?



Idea submitted for voting.