Transmission/Bittorrent sync on My Cloud 2TB Firmware V2.10.310?

Hi guys,

Newbie question, I have just purchased a 2TB My Cloud as my RPi NAS drive has died and i wanted something a bit more reliable. I want some sort of torrent client on it but all i can find is posts about transmission or bittorrent sync using firmware V4+ and mine has firmware version 2.10.310.

Is there anything out there for my firmware?

If not is it possible to switch to V4??

Thanks in advance


Have you tried the Dashboard Settings>Firmware>Available Updates and checked for updates?


Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have, it said there was an update available and it was originally on version 2 point something and I assumed when I updated it would be version 4 so I updated it. Now, when I check it says it’s version 2.10.310 and has the latest firmware version. When I check the WD download website it give me the option to choose v2 or v04 but does not mention the difference between them or what they are compatible with.

It’s a little bit confusing as there isn’t much mention of v2 anywhere :weary:

It appears you may have one of the new “generation 2” My Cloud units. A few others previously reported purchasing My Cloud’s recently that shipped with firmware 2.10.310. Unknown if the apps that have been modified to work on first generation My Cloud firmware will work on the Gen 2 versions.

Thank you that certainly clears things up a bit, guess I didn’t look hard enough :frowning:

I guess I’ll just have to wait a while for some more info on this if these are new gen 2 hardware.

Thanks for your help :+1:t2:

Did anybody already confirmed that these are next gen boxes and what are the benefits? I’ve one of these boxes and the firmware seems to be something non Debian which makes it pretty hard to add Bittorrent Sync to it without know about the system. I can’t even edit a file as nano is not available and I don’t know how to get it without cross compiling. changes on /etc seems to be dropped after restart…

Would be great if someone already figured out some hints.

Search for ‘Gen2’ or ‘Gen 2’ on the forum for discussions on the new hardware/firmware devices.

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[quote=“hausmaen, post:6, topic:147287, full:true”]
Did anybody already confirmed that these are next gen boxes and what are the benefits?[/quote]
Yes. As the previous poster indicated do a subforum search, there are several threads that discuss the Gen 2 device versus the Gen 1 device and the different OS used on them.

For example from a post three days ago in another thread, the Processor/RAM difference between the two devices was posted.

Gen2 (v2.x) will have the following processor and RAM:
Marvell armada 370 (2core, 800MHz)
512 MB Ram

Gen1 (v3.x/v4.x) will have the following processor and RAM:
Mindspeed Comcerto C2000 (2 core, 650MHz)
256 MB Ram