Transmission 2.92, ssh rsa hostkey, Python https(openssl) fix, pip for EX2 (1.4 MB)

zip file contains 3 packages.

PythonFix fixes https handling problem with LD_PRELOAD and installs pip to /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/opt and adds PATH and PYTHONPATH for opt dir to /etc/profile.

sshHostKey generates ssh-rsa hostkey and change sshd_config to use that key (default ssh-dss key is no longer supported in newest openssh client)

If anybody interested in tvheadend (compiled for iptv only), you can download it from
It’s too big to upload here.



Thanks for sharing

Thanks! Been trying to find an updated Transmission that works on My Cloud EX2.


can you help me please?

How must i install this Files on my EX2 Ultra?

Wow finally someone can compile packages

we really need your help. Is that possible to install a downloadstation like app in this ex2 ultra. Also

even if not a full fledged FTP application. One that can store credentials and allow to add single or import multiple urls to download.

Its not working atleast via UI dashboard Manual app install

What would be the steps to install the Transmission in our MyCloud, with these three files?

Thank you very much.

I am also not finding any way to install Transmission 2.92 or 2.92 in My cloud ex2 ultra. Please help