Transmission 2.77 MAGNET error

Hi Guys,

I follow instruction from user NFODIZ

Problem is that I’m not able to use MAGNET links, I got an error:

Magnetized transfer - retrieving metadata (50%)

It’s brand new My Book Live with latest firmware with fresh installation of transmission provided by NFODIZ.

I done all step by step from manual, skipping only(I do not need it)

For those wishing to have access to the actual Torrent files easily from the DataVolume

Create a folder called torrents in your Public folder

SSH in and move any Torrents you currently have in  /root/.config/transmission-daemon/torrents  to your computer

SSH in and issue

rmdir /root/.config/transmission-daemon/torrentsln -s /DataVolume/shares/Public/torrents /root/.config/transmission-daemon/torrents

can you do regular torrent files? If yes, how are you adding the magnet? if from comand line try:

transmission-remote -a “path-to-long-magnet-url”

Make sure you use the ".

Also try the GUI


No problem with regular Torrent files. I checked with transmission-remote, but same problem as before, magnetizing…

I have the same problem. When I add magnet link, it shows “magnetized transfer - retrieving metadata”

and won’t progress any further. no problems with adding .torrent.

Hopefully someone knows how to fix this issue?

Meanwhile, I use magnet2torrent conversion site to convert magnet links into .torrent files.


I manage to fix it. Just download firmware from link below:

Restore with it and follow manual from:

I’m able use Magnet links now, even TorrentExpander Auto Unrar and Unzip script Guide are working