Transfers kill wireless

When I try to drag and drop files from my laptop to the hard drive attached to the TV Live it kills the wireless connection on my laptop.

Anyone else had anything similar happen?


Win XP.

Laptop to router is Wireless G

Router to TV Live is ethernet cable.

Never had problems with any other type of uploads from this computer.

Oh and the transfer speed is really slow too.

More info:

I disabled Windows Firewall and AVG9 Free. Made no difference.

Wireless connection still drops after a few minutes when I’m trying to transfer files.

Same thing happens to me and I haven’t figured out why.  I think there is a thread in the network  that I’ve been reading.

Network drops every approx 4 minutes


Win XP

PC to router is cabled

Router to TV Live is wireless

Tried a lot of stuff in that so far and no joy.

Just transferred a few large files from this laptop to another wirelessly connected laptop here and absolutely no problem with the wireless connection dropping - so that rules out the basic laptop/router setup.

Why would turning off the Media Library fix the transfer speed issue I had?

Is there any disadvantage to turning this off?