Transferring video movie from DVD drive on computer to my personal cloud

I have copied it to my cloud but cannot get it to play back… So I erase it and try again but same thing. HELP
Thank you for any help

What are you using for playback?   (If it’s a Media Player using DLNA, then don’t expect DVDs to work with menus, etc.)

Hi Eyesee3x. Does the movie play locally on your internal drive? Was this a purchased DVD or a DVD that you made? Also, how are you trying to play or access the movie on your My Cloud?

if you are just copying to the NAS rive  it will not work (on any NAS drive) . To copy DVD movies to NAS device, you need to get the content off the DVD disc as a protection-free and easily readable element for NAS. Ripping software will do that.

this might help:

Thank you for your response. Yes purchased in store. I copied it to my cloud from my DVD player in my new computer. I even upgraded the DVD player thinking that would help… There seems to be several files it copies to my public file but there is no Play to click on to play it back. And yes the DVD plays on my computer by itself. Thank you for any help

Thank you I’m using my computer that has the DVD player in it. I’m with windows 8.1 and everything is new. I do get som picture from my cloud but the copied file on my public home has several components. Sound, audio etc. how can I get it to play. When it doesn’t work I keep deleting the copied DVD

Like Jamalaya mentioned above you can’t just copy/paste a video from a DVD. The DVD has to be processed using software so that the video is encoded into a playable format like an AVI, MKV, etc.