Transferring to My Book Live 3tb very, very slow

I currently have my DVD & Blu-ray Disc rips on large USB HDDs.

I would like to put them on my WD My Book Live 3tb drives.

A small problem. I have around 4tb of media on my USB HDDs. I’m currently checking out how long it will take to transfer these by copying & pasting a DVD rip (a film of c.2 hours) which is c.6gb. It hasn’t finished yet, but looks like it’ll take about an hour.

That means it’ll take c.650 hours to copy over the lot. Or in other words, around a month.


This is how I’m currently connected.

USB HDDs into PC.

PC hard-wired to BT Home Hub 3 router.

Home Hub 3 hard-wired to Ethernet switch.

Switch hard-wired to My Book Live.

Would it be quicker to attach the My Book Live direct to the Home Hub?

Could I connect the My Book Live (which only has an Ethernet connection) direct to my PC? Would that be quicker?

Why is it going so slowly?

Connecting 2 x USB HDDs to my PC I can transfer about 1tb a day, so was expecting to get this done in less than a week - not a month.

If it’s taking about an hour to transfer a 2 hour SD DVD I’m beginning to doubt that I can stream HD video in real time to my WDTV Live SMP.

BTW, USB connection is USB 2.

Steve W

This is to slow. Try to contact Tech support, they might be able to help you with the setup of your drive.

if this is a one time thing it might even be faster to just plug the MBL directly into the PC.

The MBL stright into the laptop’s ethernet port?

Will that work plug and play, or will I need to set somwething up?


Steve W

not sure, sorry.  someone mentioned needing freeware that allows your PC to assign dhcp to attached net devices.


For the 1st PC -> MBL transfer I set fixed IP for both PC and MBL (ex: and, mask, connected them with a patch cable, and transfer was really fast (gigabits connection).

I was only limited by HDD I/O

Hope that helps

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Yes. I did. I found it on the Net, downloaded it, got a copy of it somewhere and can;t find it on the net. When I find the installer I can put it in my dropbox and post the link on this thread. If I can find the original web site where I got it from then all the better.

I use it mainly when I need to link a device directly to my laptop’s LAN port. I got this DHCP server dishing out IP addresses to whatever is connected to the laptop’s LAN port.

Watch this space . . .

Ok.  Found that DHCP service, but it’s not free, but you can simply go ahead and download it.  Puzzling . . .

If you want to have a try:

Part of the licence term is “Anyone may use this software for 30 days. To continue using this program registration is necessary.”.  Thing is, going through the options of the program, it seems more like “Trustware” than “Shareware”.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone.

As I sit here at work, the penultimate file transfer is happening at home.

I’ve shifted my ideas of what’s going where a couple of times, but I’m now settled on this.

I currently have 4 HDDs with films on by letter (A-E, F-M, etc, etc).  A 5th HDD has ‘Film Collections’ (all Hammer films in one folder, James Bond in another, etc), and a 6th HDD has all my non-film media (music, pics and TV programmes).

I have 3 MBL 3tbs.  My A-Z films are being split over MBLs 1 & 2, and my non-film stuff is going on MBL 3.  My Film Collections will stay on HDD for now, plugged directly into the SMP.

MBLs 1 and 2 as well as the HDD will go in the Media Library, but MBL 3 won’t.  I have over a thousand albums which would just hog the Media Library, and I don['t want every episode of every TV series clogging up the Video Media Library.

I’m currently transferring my 4th HDD (S-Z) to MBL 2, and this should be done by bed time tonight.  When this is finished I’ll be starting the transfer of the non-film HDD, which I calculate will take from late tonight until Thursday morning.  Then I’m done.

If I need to do any major transferring in the future I’ll return to the advice in this thread.  Until/unless that happens, I’m nearly done now, so will just continue with my current method.

Hopefully this thread will remain useful for those starting from scratch.

Steve W

I have the same problem , I have a transfer speed of 6 mb / second, and I tried to watch an AVCHD file recorded from my Sony TG1 Camcorder, and it goes very slow. I just update the firmware, and My Book Live 3tb, is directly connected to my main computer (Desktop), and when I tried to enter to my cloud over my laptop, everything is too slow, even opening images is very slow. Is this correct, is normal? Because if it is, it doesn t work for me? I will sell it, please if someone know how to resolve this problem, it would be great.Thanks !!

I hope you intend to keep those original HDDs as backup.  Either that or you’ll need 3 more MBLs!